Do you use pre-built themes?

As a general rule, we prefer not to use pre-built themes — but there are exceptions. If you opt for a custom theme, your site will be designed to your specifications.

Can you give me an up-front cost?

There are too many factors that go into site design and development to give an accurate up-front cost. Please contact us for a quote.

Do you use a particular content management system?

We specialize in WordPress site development.

Is the work done upfront transferable and useful to another content management system?

Only another WordPress installation.

Do you only work with WordPress?

We are also well-versed with the Shopify e-commerce platform and SquareSpace content platform.

Does it cost more to have the site responsive, to look better on mobile devices?

No. Our sites are built with a mobile-first methodology. Your site will look great on mobile, or on a desktop, right out of the box.

Is the upfront fee contingent on a monthly maintenance fee?


What's the monthly maintenance fee?

No monthly maintenance fee. If your site is hosted on our server, the hosting fee depends on package chosen. Additional maintenance/design work is billed at an hourly rate.

Is there a contract?

Not for hosting. Hosting charges renew month-to-month. There are, of course, the standard contracts and agreements one might expect from doing business with a service provider.

What services are included in the monthly maintenance fee?

Routine server maintenance, setup/maintenance of email accounts, and other server-side services are included in the hosting fee. Design, front-end site maintenance (adding pages, plug-ins, configuring new options, posting articles, etc.) are billed at an hourly rate.

Is there an a la carte option?

Depends on the option. We can discuss and come to an agreement on whatever you need.

What if any services would I need to get now or in the future from other vendors to have a site that allows us to keep our site up?

We don’t believe in controlling your company. We have our own business to worry about! Whether you host with us or on another web host’s server, your account and your site are yours. If you want to leave (with appropriate notice, of course), we’ll assist you in packaging everything up so you can transfer it to another host. We’re not interested in holding your site hostage or forcing you to do business with us. Of course, we would PREFER that you stay with us! But your happiness is our top priority.